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Terms and Conditions

Notes To Members of The Link Club
The ownership or title of the Website for The Link Club and the rights to operate appropriate membership services remain with Ascott International Management (2001) Pte Ltd (hereinafter “The Ascott”), the appropriate services shall be offered as prescribed in this Notes to Members as well as appropriate regulations as announced by The Ascott. Prior to registration, each Member shall acknowledge that he/she has clearly understood all the terms and conditions contained in this Notes to Members, and in the course of registration shall click “Agree” button to indicate his/her agreement to be unconditional and completely subject to all the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Online Operation Workflow
Registration-> Approval->Room Reservation-> Get Points->Exchange for Gifts->Receive Gifts

Membership Application
Any person applying to join The Link Club must be such an individual with complete civil capacity (hereinafter “Individual Applicant”) or such an independent legal person with appropriate lawful license or permit (hereinafter “Corporate Applicant”), as provided by the related laws of their resident country.

1.      Eligible for applicants whose companies have a valid contract with The Ascott Limited.
2.      Staff of The Ascott Limited, CapitaLand, travel agencies, online booking centers and property agents are not eligible to apply for The Link Club.
3.    Applicants shall inform their employers about joining The Link Club. The Ascott Limited will not be liable for any termination of applicant's employment with their companies as a result of joining the club.
4.   By signing up to The Link Club, the applicant agrees that all information provided is true and accurate. The Ascott Limited will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from untrue or inaccurate member information.
5.      Changes relating to personal and employment particulars has to be updated via or through our sales managers to ensure membership validity.
6.      Approval of membership is subject to the discretion of The Ascott Limited.
7.      Members are responsible to keep their membership ID and password private and confidential. The Ascott Limited will not be liable for any damage arising from the loss of membership ID or password.
8.     The Ascott Limited reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions applied without prior notice.

Cancellation of Membership 
1.      Any changes in member’s particulars which results in not being eligible for membership will be terminated.
2.      Request for membership termination must be sent via email to any of our sales manager or under the “Contact Us” page on your country website.
3.   In the event of the potential termination of the membership of any Member, The Ascott is entitled to terminate the membership at any time without any further notice. The Ascott is entitled to cancel any point, activities or rights or interests previously available to such Member, as well as any gifts for which such Member has submitted an Application but no delivery has been made by The Ascott, as from the termination date of the Membership, without any compensation. Such Member is disallowed to participate in any following member activity, nor is entitled to any rights and interests exclusively available to Members, in such an instance, The Ascott is under no obligation to such former Member; in no event may this former Member rejoin The Link Club.
4.  The membership of any Member, whether individual or corporate, will be suspended if no online activity for a consecutive period of twelve (12) calendar months.
5.   In the event of any awareness of any act of any Member which act may materially prejudice the rights and interests of The Ascott and/or any other Member, during any Member activity, or of any violation by any Member of any provisions set forth in this Notes to Members, or any other regulations as reasonably formulated by The Ascott or any applicable laws or regulations in the country of The Link Club membership, the membership of such Member shall be terminated immediately.
6.   Upon membership termination, members will be given a month’s time to redeem their rewards with their residual points. All unused points are not exchangeable for cash or any other forms of compensation.
7.   Upon Membership termination, such member is not allowed to participate in any following member activity, nor is entitled to any rights and interests exclusively available to Members.
8.    In case of any failure of any Member to meet the specified requirements for membership, the membership thereof will be terminated promptly.
9.    The membership of any Member will be immediately terminated by The Ascott upon request by the competent judicial authority or governmental authority in accordance with the related statutory provisions to do so.
10.  The membership of any Member will be immediately terminated by The Ascott Limited when it is required to do so for public interests.

Member’s Activities 
1.      Any Member shall assume any and all responsibilities or liabilities for all activities and/or events conducted or launched in his/her name or under his/her member code.
2.      The entry of any Member in The Link Club does not imply or indicate that such Member will become a cooperator, joint investor, associated person, employee, agent or representative of The Ascott. No Member may pursue or conduct by utilizing his/her membership any activity not related to the activities organized by or for Members of The Link Club.
3.      Each Member shall agree not to damage or disturb by appropriate technical means or otherwise the normal operation of the related website(s) of The Ascott.
4.      In the event that any Member objects to any conditions set out in this Notes to Members or any amendment to any rules set for The Link Club, such Member may opt the following thereto:
(i) Cease to continue its use of The Link Club service; or
(ii) Notify The Ascott to withdraw from The Link Club;

In the event of any notice from any Member requesting to withdraw from The Link Club, the related issues arising therefore shall be dealt with in accordance with the appropriate regulations on withdrawal from The Link Club as set out as per stipulated in the cancellation Terms & Conditions.

Membership Points
1.      All reservations must be quoted with member’s ID at the point of booking in order to credit the points to member’s ID.
2.      Members’ points are only applicable to such serviced apartments specified by The Ascott (the list of such serviced apartments will be announced from time to time on the webpage for The Link Club, or be notified at the time of reservation by Members).
3.    Points earn for the month will be based on the rental of each reservations booked by members upon rental payment. Certain program and tier benefits as well as rewards may vary for different countries. Incidental charges and late fees are not included in the accumulation of points. In events of any special circumstances including, but not limited to, statutory national holidays, block-out periods and other important conference periods as specified by The Ascott Limited, there will be no accumulation of points in the said period.
4.   Bookings made through third party channels are not eligible for points accumulation.
5.      All cancellation must be done at least 48 hrs before check-in to avoid cancellation charges and points will not be allocated for cancellations. 
6.      Accumulation of points will be made on a monthly basis based on the previous month’s rental payment. Members will be able to inquire their accumulated points online.
7.      Members cannot combine their accumulated points together for redemption of rewards and points are not transferable.
8.    Point allocation and rewards redemption will be based on your member login ID. The Ascott Limited will not be liable for any lost as a result of lost/disclosure of member login ID and password.
9.      Member’s points will automatically be deducted from member’s account upon redemption base on the exchange criteria stated on the website. Should in event that the gift selected is not available, the appropriate points will automatically be credited back into member’s account accordingly.
10.   All points are not exchangeable for cash.
11.  Points must be redeemed within twenty-four (24) calendar months from Membership submission date, all points not redeemed within these 2 years will be forfeited.
12.  The Link Club points are only eligible for reservations made within member's registered country.

Rewards Redemption 
1.      Members are able to inquire about gift information online via the website.
2.     All redemption of rewards have to be conducted online via in accordance with the exchange criteria formulated from time to time by The Ascott. 
3.      All rewards are subjected to availability thereof, The Ascott may decide on whether to accept the application submitted online by any Member for exchange for gifts, in the light of its gift stock, and where such application is accepted, will issue a confirmation letter to such Member. 
4.      There will be no refund, return for exchange, return of points or exchange for cash of or for any gift may be accepted or made upon approval of redemption.
5.      The pictures of gifts as provided on the related website are for reference only, and the gifts are subject to those actual available. No relationship in a nature of partnership, distributorship, agency or guaranty exists between The Ascott and the suppliers of the gifts, it is the sole liability of such suppliers for any quality-related issues relating to such gifts, and The Ascott disclaims any liability whatsoever.
6.      Any Member shall confirm the delivery means, address as well as the consignee when applying for exchange for gifts. The Ascott will hold no liability for any loss of gifts or any other losses due to reasons on the part of the Members.
7.      The availability of diversified gifts for the same level of points shall be subject to prior collection. In case no gift for which a Member applies is available, The Ascott is entitled not to accept the application by the Member for exchange for such unavailable gifts, by giving appropriate notice of its decision to such Member, in such a case, the Member may elect either to apply to exchange for any other gifts of appropriate class or to retain his/her accumulated points
8.      The delivery means of gifts as well as other related provisions are to be prescribed by The Ascott on the website for The Link Club. Any dispute with the delivery service provider arising in the course of such delivery if such Member opts for delivery to his/her door, shall be settled by such Member and the Provider through mutual negotiation in good faith, The Ascott will therefore hold no liability whatsoever.
9.      Upon receipt of such gifts given away by The Ascott, no further acknowledgement will be required from the appropriate Member. However, if you do not receive the items 6 weeks from date of your redemption, please email to our Membership Services or contact your dedicated Sales Manager.
10.   Any application by Member, once handled or accepted, is not subject to cancellation or change. In case the application has not been handled or accepted and the Member requests to change his/her application for exchange for gifts, such Member is required to delete his/her previous application first and file another application.
11.  Member may inquire online his/her exchange records and the related exchange status. In the case of failure to pay in a timely manner any fees relating to the reservation by any Member, including without limitation rent, incidentals including utility fees, service fees as well as other expenses, or of any violation by any guest as indicated in the reservation by appropriate Member of any agreement or any other instrument entered into by such Member with The Ascott, The Ascott is entitled to decline any application submitted by such Member for exchange for gifts and to refuse to have any other member activities and/or appropriate rights and interest available to such Member.


Intellectual Property Rights
1.      Any and all rights in, to or under the literatures, software, sound, pictures, videos as well as charts, etc. in relation to the online service of The Link Club of The Ascott shall remain with The Ascott or the appropriate owner(s) designated by The Ascott, and shall be subject to due protection under the laws in the respect of copyright, trademark as well as other proprietary rights.
2.      No Member may use the above-mentioned materials unless appropriate authorization from The Ascott or other relevant owners (as appropriate) has been duly obtained, and may not use, reproduce or modify any of the aforesaid materials in any form without due authorization, nor shall create any derivative works in relation to such materials.

Other Rights
1.      The Ascott reserves the right to suspend or terminate at any time the activities of The Link Club to the extent appropriately, without any liabilities to any Member or any third party. Unless otherwise stipulated in this Notes to Members, The Ascott shall make a reasonable announcement on the website for The Link Club or give Members a reasonable notice to that effect, prior to the said suspension or termination by The Ascott. In such an instance, the rights and interests of Members shall be handled as provided for the termination of membership under usual circumstances.
2.      The Ascott is entitled to modify at any time the rules of The Link Club, Notes to Members, Rights of Interest of Members, Conditions for Member, Member Activities, Calculation Methods for Points, Term, Criteria for Exchange for Gifts, Procedures, Applicable Areas and Serviced Apartments as well as any other activities of The Link Club, in whole or in part, and to revoke, restrict, change or cancel any exchange for gifts. In such an instance, The Ascott will make a reasonable announcement on the website for The Link Club or give Members a reasonable notice to that effect, and the Members shall be subject to such revocation, restriction, change or cancellation unconditionally. The Ascott is vested with the authority or power to make a final determination of any issue or dispute in relation to The Link Club.
3.      With respect to the implementation of the conditions and rules of The Link Club, The Ascott reserves the right to take appropriate legal actions, to claim for appropriate compensation, attorney’s fee, litigation costs as well as any other related expenses or costs, as long as necessary and appropriate.
4.      The final say in respect of the interpretation of any Member Activities, Notes to Members, Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures, as well as any other related issues is vested in The Ascott.
5.      In case any of the following circumstances shall occur, The Ascott is entitled to disclose and/or use any Member’s information duly acquired by the same:
a.      To deliver such information to the related Subsidiary or Associated Company of The Ascott as designated by The Ascott for use in a reasonable manner;
b.      To deliver such information to the related cooperators of The Ascott, including, but not limited to, renowned magazines, cosmetic companies as well as any other cooperators, for use, so as to provide the Members with various information of such cooperators. Any Member objecting to use by The Ascott of such information for such purposes shall notify in writing The Ascott to that effect;
c.   In order to comply with the related laws and regulations, or appropriate requirements set out by the competent judicial authorities or governmental instrumentalities;
d.      In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of The Ascott;
e.      For the purpose of public benefits under appropriate emergency circumstances; or
f.        Under other circumstances that The Ascott deems necessary.

6.      Upon termination of membership, The Ascott is entitled to retain and use in a reasonable manner any Member’s information duly acquired thereby.
7.    The Ascott may use the contact information of any Member to ensure the possibility to keep in touch with such Member, and to deliver various lawful information, including, but not limited to, the related breaking events, commercial information as well as the related promotional activities information. 

No Warranties 
Each Member expressly acknowledges his/her agreement to assume any and all risks arising out of the use of the services offered by The Ascott. The Ascott hereby expressly represents that no warranty of whatsoever nature or kind has been made in respect of its services, and makes no warranty in respect of the satisfaction of the online service with the needs of any Members, non-interruption of the online services, as well as the timeliness, safety, truthfulness, accuracy, and the completeness of such online services. 

Other Disclaimers or Exclusions
The Ascott may not be held liable to any Member or any third party under any of the following circumstances:
a)       Any event arises as a result of Force Majeure;
b)      The Members’ information incurs loss due to attack by computer virus in spite of the reasonable actions taken by The Ascott against computer virus;
c)      The Members’ information incurs loss or theft due to the attack by computer hackers in disregard of the reasonable actions taken by The Ascott against computer hackers;
d)      The Members’ information incurs loss or theft due to the inherent technical defects existing in the computer facilities or the operation system software;
e)    The interruption or suspension of Member services is required for appropriate maintenance, overhaul, system update or for conducting appropriate maintenance, overhaul, system update on the supportive facilities, including without limitation the host computers, electrical equipments, as well as the public networks; in such a case, The Ascott shall grant its best effort to make an announcement in advance to the extent possible and practicable;
f)      The Ascott is required by the competent judicial authority or governmental authorities in accordance with the related statutory procedures to interrupt or suspend the provision of member services;
g)      The interruption or suspension of such member services is required for the public benefits;
h)      Any issue relating to system or network through no fault of The Ascott, and any loss that may be incurred as a result of such issue; or
i)        Any other event arising not attributable to The Ascott.  

Any dispute arising in connection with any provision contained in this Notes to Members or the implementation thereof shall be first settled by both Parties through mutual negotiation in good faith and based on a mutual benefits principle. Each Member and The Ascott agrees that in case no successful settlement is made through such mutual negotiation such dispute shall be submitted for arbitration.